Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Up in New York?

What's going to happen to the Underground Combat League when MMA is sanctioned in New York? Check out this article written by some dude who likes to front like he's some sort of authority or something - .

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Pilot201 said...

Jimmy Boy

As I was talking to Rogan a month ago, I asked about NY. Considering that was supposed to be the big announcement after UFC 78 in Newark. Word was that Dana and crew were in NYC days leading up to UFC 78 trying to hammer out NY and making a New Years Eve show happen there.

Well he said that the commission is all set for the UFC, but the various unions involved aren't. And the reason was purely political. They hate the Fertitas and the way they do business out in Vegas with the unions. So basically the way it was put was the unions are keeping them out of NY and they don't see either side backing down.