Saturday, June 27, 2009

Liveblog: Brooklyn Underground Show Part 6

An MMA stylist named Santiago and a freestyle fighter nicknamed "Romeo" are up. Wowsers. Okay, this one is even quicker, as Santiago nails Romeo with a low kick than nails him with a high kick that knocks him out and sends him right through the ropes. Romeo falls limp onto the concrete. Curiously, after he's revived, the ring announcer asks him how he feels. "I feel good," Romeo answers matter-of-factly. Final bout: a tae kwon do fighter named Quzandor against a freestyle fighter nicknamed "Flash Master". Strong kicks punctuated by a Quzandor suplex - that's the first round, while in the second it's back and forth and pretty even. Unfortunately, Quzandor at this point has written a check his body can't cash, and he just straight up collapses in Round 3. Flash Master is the winner, and it takes a few minutes and a lot of ice on his neck for Quzandor to recover. And that's it. Solid event as underground shows go.

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