Monday, June 15, 2009

Observations From My Couch: Bellator FC Welterweight Finals

  • If I were an athletic commissioner I never would've approved Uriah Hall's match-up against Edwin Aguilar, as Hall had one MMA bout to his record compared to Aguilar's 34. I'm glad I'm not an athletic commissioner. Hall kicked some serious butt.
  • Nick Pace: great flying knee KO, awful victory dance. You're a killer, man, but seriously, what the hell was that?
  • Did Justin Torrey and Matt Makowski have an agreement to look as much alike as possible? Because with their bald heads, frames and shorts, I damn sure couldn't keep track of who was who.
  • Jake Ellenberger didn't just knock Marcelo Alfaya out, he took away some of Alfaya's IQ points. I think Alfaya now has to relearn how to drive a car and tie his shoelaces.
  • Lyman Good is the reason why superheroes should not be fighting regular humans in MMA bouts. It's just unfair.

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