Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So About That Whole New York Thing...

Yeah, so things sorta ground to a halt in the New York State legislature last week with the Senate having some sort of party coup. Normally, to MMA fans this wouldn't mean much more than a slight case of "Who Gives a Crap?", but as the bill legalizing MMA in New York is supposed to be going through the legislative process right now, the shenanigans up in Albany are painfully relevant. According to the Senate calendar, the number of days left to vote on the bill is dwindling. If time were to run out without the bill getting approval by the Senate (and the Assembly)... well, let's just say there'd be a few more underground shows before the year is through but events at Madison Square Garden would be a ways off.

Thankfully, there's still hope. Over the weekend Governor David Paterson announced that, when this whole senatorial mess is resolved, he was going to call for an emergency legislative session (think: summer school) to make up for lost time. In other words, the bill may become law yet.

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