Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sean Salmon's Career: Dead at 31

Glass-jawed UFC veteran and perennial B-level competitor Sean Salmon shot himself in the foot yesterday, penning a column for MMA Junkie that illustrated some recent dark moments that included his throwing of a fight - an admission that has likely cost the wrestler whatever semblance of a career he had. The article, which can be found here , details Salmon's lack of integrity and a severe lapse in judgement which prompted him to give up an armbar during a bout so he could emerge unscathed. Salmon's greatest mistake, however, was his decision to write it all down and post it on the second biggest MMA news website around - at best a form of idiocy, and at worst a purposeful act of career suicide. As Salmon will not be competing at ROC on September 11th thanks to this and is currently under administrative suspension by the Ohio Athletic Commission pending an investigation, there will instead be a small service in honor of his career. Fans should bring flowers, candles and 40-ounce bottles of their favorite malt liquor.

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