Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Promoter to Launch California-Based MMA League, Then Promptly Fail

Sports promoter Roy Englebrecht announced today that he's launching a professional, team-based minor league MMA organization in the southern Californa area, an organization comprised of eight teams vying for a championship title, and that after he starts the league the whole endeavor will promptly fail. Dubbed the "Professional Mixed Martial Arts League", or PMMAL, the organization will field teams representing San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura and even Las Vegas, and though aspiring fighters will be signed to teams via exclusive contracts, team owners will have the discretion to allow their fighters to compete elsewhere - or be sold to the UFC or Strikeforce when the PMMAL collapses. Said Cory Needbaum, Englebrecht's financial advisor who lives in beat-up 1984 Dodge Caravan permanently parked at the rest area near Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, "This is a groovy idea, man. Them IFL cats did it all wrong. It took them two years to go belly up, but we can make that happen in just nine months. You'll see, man. You'll see."

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