Friday, November 13, 2009

Liveblog: Queens Underground Show Part 4

Romeo is up and facing Steven Tam. Romeo got Fedored big time at the last show; it's good to see he's out of his coma and able to walk again. Round 1 sees Romeo take the lead with a slightly better ground game, but in Round 2 they swing for the rafters and Romeo gets blasted right in the junk. After a brief break for Romeo to mourn his lost jewels, they restart and fight hard until the round ends. Round 3 begins and Steven Tam throws a pushkick that comes too close to Romeo's manparts again. He's immediately disqualified. Bout #4 and it's Tae Kwon Do stylist Tony the Tiger against Killer Asian, and the two go back and forth with strikes and sub attempts like crazy in what turns out to be a real crowd-pleaser. Killer Asian keeps it up in the second round, battering the hell out of Tony the Tiger's ribs with knees and raining down punches from the mount. Killer Asian gets the TKO stoppage. There are four more bouts on the card, but I have to call it a night. Sorry folks.

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