Sunday, November 15, 2009

Observations From My Couch: UFC 105 "Holy Crap Another Bad Decision"

  • Aaron Riley: takes a lickin', keeps on... takin' a lickin'.
  • For a while there, I was worried James Wilks was going to be successful in his effort to hug Matt Brown to death.
  • Tough break for Jared Hamman, who got eye-gouged and knocked out in 41 seconds. He's fortunate the fight didn't go a minute and a half, though, because with his luck he would've torn his ACL and broken a few bones as well.
  • Denis Kang is so skilled and dangerous and talented. For one round. Then he's got nothing.
  • Andre Winner didn't just put Roli Delgado to sleep, he tucked him in and read him a bedtime story.
  • Congrats, Dan Hardy! You're the next man in line to get killed by Georges St. Pierre!
  • Randy Couture did nothing to earn that decision. Except, of course, be a multi-time champ, Hall of Famer, legend, spokesman for the sport, etc.

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