Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Local Bouts to Watch This Weekend

This weekend, New Jersey will play host to Asylum Fight League’s latest installment at the Raritan Expo Center, as well as New Breed Fighters’ first foray into the realm of pro MMA bouts at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City.  Consequently, there are a number of intriguing match-ups between the two cards – a fact that merits a list!  Woot!

    • James Funaro vs. Mike Fischetti: This AFL pairing pits a reformed Underground Fight League competitor against a Tiger Schulmann MMA up-and-comer.  Both are well-rounded and capable of ending fights with submissions or KOs, but the edge in experience definitely goes to BoxFit/Vamos JJ rep Funaro, who’s survived no less than a hundred unsanctioned death matches.
    • Jeff Lentz vs. Bryan Danner: This NBF fight is actually a rematch of an amateur bout that Lentz won by decision.  Both men can strike and grapple, however, despite a recent loss to Anthony Morrison in a ROC featherweight championship contest, Lentz has simply done and accomplished more in the cage.  He should have little trouble getting the “W” out of this one.
    • John Sivori vs. Ariel Sepulveda: Sivori was a hot prospect about five years ago, but he fell completely off the radar, and this NBF match-up against Sepulveda is his first one back.  If anything, Sivori is a tough-as-nails grappler.  Sepulveda has okay grappling, but hits like an SUV doing 140 mph on the Garden State that spins out of control in bad weather.  Will Sivori play the role of unsuspecting guardrail?
    • Bryan Tapper vs. Kenneth Rivera: TSMMA’s Tapper is a dangerous cat, while Rivera is well-rounded, fought in the UCL years ago, and has had mixed success in New Jersey’s amateur leagues.  Who will win in this AFL bout?  The hungry kid or the salty veteran?  Hey, if I could see the future I’d have won the lottery ten times by now.
    • Mark Getto vs. Matt McManmon: This NBF fight has a former Combat in the Cage champ in Getto taking on a total grinder (meaning, when he wins it’s because he’s grinded you into oblivion for the duration) in McManmon.  Getto’s tough, but he hasn’t been that active, so watch for that ring rust to be a factor.

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Anonymous said...

so much for Funaro having more experience fighting dirty. Fischeti has been fighting and training in and for sanctioned fights since he was 7 years old.