Sunday, December 6, 2009

Observations From My Couch: TUF 10 Finale

  • Marcus Jones looked like an NFL player in there. Matt Mitrione looked like an NFL who knew how to throw a punch.
  • Yay, Frankie Edgar beat someone with absolutely no ranking in the division. Can he get a damn title shot now? Or does Joe Silva want him to defeat a homeless man and/or a lion?
  • Mark Bocek got a win over who? And wait, who is Mark Bocek again?
  • Every minute James McSweeney spends in the Octagon is an insult to ROC champ Ricardo Romero, who smoked McSweeney easily right before TUF.
  • Given his grappling improvements, that was the best Kimbo Slice we've ever seen. Too bad it was one of the worst fights ever. I think the UFC out-did EliteXC in that they just didn't pay Houston Alexander to stand up, they paid him to run.
  • Matt Hamill gets the award for the most battered and broken "winner" to ever leave the Octagon.
  • Roy Nelson is now the Ultimate Fighter. And given the depth of the heavyweight division, that should put him in line for a crack at the belt.

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