Sunday, December 20, 2009

Observations From My Couch: WEC 45 "Skadoosh!"

    • Scott Jorgensen did a fantastic job, and he’s opened the door for albinos, lepers and sufferers of psoriasis to compete and excel at the highest levels.
    • I’m not going to claim that Rani Yahya sucks at striking.  However, my 2-year-old daughter calls the elderly woman that lives next door “Ya-Ya”, and I seriously doubt that woman could throw a punch.  I’m just saying.
    • Courtney Buck is one scary-looking dude.  I hid behind my couch when he appeared on my television.
    • A Brit pulling off a Peruvian necktie?  What’s next?  An American pulling off the Chinese Wuxi Finger Hold? 
    • Skadoosh!
    • Chris Horodecki was confused and thought it was a footrace.  Anthony Njokuani was confused and thought Horodecki knew how to fight.
    • Donald Cerrone may have won the battle, but OH MY GOD ED RATCLIFF’S NUTS ARE BROKEN!

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