Saturday, January 16, 2010

Liveblog: Evolution AMMA Part 3

Marvin Menjivar and Luis Hernandez square off, with Hernandez introducing his right hand to Menjivar's face and the hand and the face courting each other like lovers, giddy in Paris in the springtime. The romance continues into the second round, and though Menjivar's leg tries to break them up, those jealous kicks mean naught when Cupid is involved. Hernandez gets the TKO win at 2:06 of Round 3, and the right hand and the face live happily ever after. Jimmy Orfanos and Jamie Hadzima enter the cage and square off and then do battle. In the opening round, Hadzima ties Orfanos in knots, and with black belt coach Steve Williams shouting instructions, Hadzima secures a kimura at 2:06 of Round 2 for the finish. It's time for Edir Terry and Danny Massa to do the dance, and for them, the dance is akin to a Jitterbug on meth (ie, it's fast and furious). Round 1 has Massa blazing away with punches, and in Round 2 Terry takes a nutbuster and needs to some time to mourn his dead heuvos. After a restart, Terry comes out firing off kicks and the nails the takedown, and in Round 3 Terry gets another takedown and attempts some ground and pound. Time runs out with the two fighting as hard as when they first began. Good match. The decision could go either way, but ultimately, the split decision goes to Terry.

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