Friday, January 8, 2010

Prediction for WEC 46: "Varner vs. Henderson vs. Honestly, Could These Guys Hang with Anyone in the UFC?"

Another installment of the WEC awaits, an installment featuring what the organization is best known for: the absolute toughest featherweights in the world, plus some lightweight dudes who would get slaughtered if they fought in the UFC. So... predictions!
  • Deividas Taurosevicius is taking on Mackens Semerzier. Get ready to witness the first-ever injury to a ring announcer on television. Seriously, these fighters can't even pronounce their own names.
  • I remember when Anthony Morrison was knocking out opponents in New Jersey's amateur shows, so of course I'm rooting for him. But Mike Brown is the number two ranked 145-pound fighter in the world... I'm just saying,
  • Kamal Shalorus? Kamal, shamazzle, hossenfeffer corporated!
  • Remember when Urijah Faber was like the WEC's superstar posterboy hero? Man, times sure change.
  • Jamie Varner: the best lightweight the WEC has to offer, and still not good enough for the Octagon.

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