Friday, February 26, 2010

Liveblog: NBF 28 Part 4

There's an NBF welterweight title up for grabs and Dennis Olson of Gracie Barra Boston and Mike Dolce of Grudge Fight Team are vying for it. Dolce's nickname is "Skullcracker", which he earned because he likes to bake crackers shaped like skulls. Of course, those baking skills don't help him against Olson, who takes him down, pounds on him, cuts him, and puts him through a plethora of choke attempts. However, Round 2 has Dolce sprawling and flexing his stand-up muscle - seemingly where he has the advantage until Olson drops him with a punch in the third round. Olson ends it with an arm-in guillotine at 3:17 of the round. Last bout: Garden State prodigal son Dante Rivera against some HIT Squad rep named Whisper Goodman. Rivera's got Ricardo Almeida, Chris Liguori and Frankie Edgar in his corner, as well as God and Jesus, so you just know he's favored. Round 1 has a fair bit of clinch-work, with Rivera getting a takedown about midway through and Goodman reversing and trying to drop leather. Goodman's balance is impeccable, and it manifests in every Rivera inside-trip that ends with a reversal and the HIT Squad fighter on top. That's the story of Round 2, although in Round 3 the TUF vet manages to lift him high and slam him hard. Time runs out in a very back-and-forth round, and the unanimous decision goes to Goodman. Good show, and goodnight.

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