Monday, February 8, 2010

Observations From My Couch: UFC 109 "Ultimate Disgrace"

  • Pitting Randy Couture against Mark Coleman was about as awesome as when the IFL had that faded fighter take on that has-been in a superfight.
  • It took Matt Serra less time to knock Frank Trigg out than it did Robbie Lawler. Is it time for Serra vs. BJ Penn at 170? It was damn close when they fought at 155.
  • Congrats to Chael Sonnen for utterly dominating Nate Marquardt, and a huge congrats to Sonnen for actually proving himself to be a viable contender for the 185-pound title. The dude went from zero to hero in the span of two flawless fights.
  • Demian Maia... meh.
  • Paulo Thiago is legit. Or Mike Swick has started to suck.
  • Mac Danzig was tossed a softball and came ridiculously close to striking out.
  • Is it me or was Melvin Guillard the recipient of a gift decision?
  • One more loss for Brian Stann and he's going to lose that GI Joe action figure modeled after him.
  • Did Rolles Gracie not know he was supposed to fight in the UFC this past weekend? Was his Octagon debut some sort of prank? Dude, do some cardio.

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