Friday, March 5, 2010

Predictions for WEC 47 "We Welcome You To Munchkin Land"

Hey, what do you know, there's a WEC on tap for Saturday night - and this one won't cost you anything if you have cable TV and the Versus channel (unlike WEC 48, which will cost you more clams than it's worth).  Anyway, WEC 47 stars champ Brian Bowles and challenger Dominick Cruz, two 135-pound fighters who live in absolute fear of Frank Mir ever since the former UFC heavyweight champ and erstwhile WEC color commentator ate a couple bantamweights last year when they came too close to his gaping maw.  Also on the card is ex-135-pound champ Miguel "Super-Mullet" Torres, Deividas "What's My Name?" Taurosevicius, and Bart "Ah the IFL… Those Were the Days" Palaszewski.  Predictions!

    • Who’s going to win between Bowles and Cruz?  Who the hell cares!  Torres is the only bantamweight who ever made an impression.
    • Torres is facing Joseph Benavidez.  Not counting the referee, that’s 270 pounds of nachos and spicy salsa in the cage right there.
    • Faded warrior Jens Pulver now gets knocked out when his opponents breathe too hard on his skull.  Thankfully, Javier Vasquez ain’t no heavy-breather.  Pulver by TKO.
    • Taurosevicius is facing LC Davis.  Did you know the “LC” stands for Loquacious Child?  Seriously, that kid does not stop talking…
    • Palaszewski is facing Karen Darabedyan.  I give Palaszewski the edge here, as he’s obviously facing a girl. 

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