Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UCL Postscript

Although there were only four fights, they were pretty good, with Eric Blasich and Kirkland Campbell really going at it, Jonathan Velez and Dante Thomas waging war and Chris Corr proving yet again that he's a dominant force at 132 pounds.  The Northeast is stocked with quite a few tough, highly-skilled bantamweights out there both at the amateur level and pro - he definitely belongs in the mix.  However, one thing that should not be overlooked is how good Doug "Lionheart" Ahammer is and how much he's improved on the ground.  He was way more of an offensive grappling threat in this rematch.  That, plus the fact that he fights like a Tasmanian Devil on meth, makes for one exciting fighter.  Lastly, props to James Funaro for showing up to fight even after being KO'd the night before, and boo on Christian "Wargod" Darrow for pulling a no-show.  There were a ton of people there to see that bout and quite a few more photographers than usual.  Wargod let everyone down.

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