Thursday, April 29, 2010

"MMA in NY Still Possible for 2010" Says Writer Who Somehow Forgot About The 60+ NY Shows Thus Far

According to MMAPayout, there's still a chance folks in the Empire State could somehow see some mixed martial arts before the year is out - a declaration that overlooks the fact that there have been over 60 unsanctioned but well-recognized MMA events in the state within the last ten years alone.  In the article "MMA in New York Still Possible for 2010" (, much is made of a recent Wall Street Journal article that examines the status of Governor David Paterson's budget proposal, a proposal that includes a provision that would allow the state to sanction professional  mixed martial arts.  However, what both the Wall Street Journal article and MMAPayout seem to forget is the 20 Underground Combat Leagues shows (where UFC champ Frankie Edgar got his start), the 14 Vengeance at the Vanderbilts (of which Matt Serra, Pete Sell and Phil Baroni are veterans), the five Empire State Warriors Challenges, the five Clash in the Cages, the three International Fight Nights, the four Martial Arts Madness's, the one Battle on Broadway and Aggressive Shoot Championship, and the eight or so events that have taken place on Indian Reservations in Upstate New York.  Have any of these shows been grand affairs to rival what the UFC/WEC/Strikeforce may bring to Madison Square Garden?  No, but they sure as hell count as MMA events.  (For a trip down memory lane, go here:

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