Monday, April 26, 2010

Observations from My Couch: WEC 48 "The Phantom Show"

    • Yeah, yeah, I get that there couldn’t have been any mention of the WEC because of two different Zuffa brands having homes on two different networks.  But still, it felt like a George Orwell novel with Big Brother rewriting history, even if the show itself was doubleplusgood.
    • Alex Karalexis has always been “meh”.  But thus far, Anthony Pettis has looked pretty “eh”.
    • Chan Sung Jung and Leonard Garcia fought so hard in such an entertaining back-and-forth battle, they both should’ve been declared “The Ultimate Fighter” and awarded UFC contracts.
    • Chan Sung Jung – wow!
    • It was disappointing to see Antonio Banuelos lose, especially because now he must go back to life as a bandit who robs stagecoaches along the road outside of Santa Fe.
    • Anthony Njokuani should really learn some grappling.  Just a thought.
    • Anthony Morrison is tough, but I’m still not sold on Chad Mendes. 
    • “Bad” Brad Pickett is one bad mofo for winning with a busted collarbone.  But where the hell did a Brit learn to wrestle like that?
    • Props to Manny Gamburyan for the win, but that was not the same Mike Brown that took out Urijah Faber twice.  Not the same fighter at all.
    • Damn, was Ben Henderson vs. Don Cerrone a non-event or what?  I was expecting fireworks.  Instead, we got a road flare.
    • It was so painful watching Jose Aldo slowly amputate Faber’s leg that I was walking with a limp all day yesterday.

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