Friday, May 14, 2010

Liveblog: UCC 2 Part 3

Sam Jackson and Mike Medrano take to the cage for a welterweight pairing. Medrano is a rising star coming out of AMA FC and is supposed to be fighting for the ROC belt at their next show, while Jackson starred in Pulp Fiction and played Mace Windu in those crappy Star Wars movies. The story of Round 1 is Medrano tossing Jackson to the canvas like a ragdoll and coming close with a kimura and Jackson swinging for the fences on the feet and reversing position on the ground. Round 2 sees Jackson get on top at first to deliver some damage, the Medrano take the reigns as ground-and-pounder for the duration. The last goes poorly for the AMA FC standout, though, as he finds himself on his back for the majority of the time. Regardless, he takes the unanimous decision when time runs out. TSMMA's Carlos Brooks is up and ready to face Team Link middleweight Alexandre Moreno. Well, it looks like Moreno did his homework, opting to avoid Brooks' deadly striking game and going right for the takedown. The Team Linker methodically works from the top, coming close with a kimura and an arm-triangle before finally catching Brooks with an arm-in guillotine. The official time of the tap out is 4:48 of the first round.

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