Monday, May 10, 2010

Observations from My Couch: UFC 113 "Karate is Dead"

    • Congrats to Alan Belcher for uncovering the effectiveness of the “spike the face” maneuver.  Who knew dropping someone on their grill would be so devastating?
    • Thus endeth the woefully-short reign of Kimbo “Not Ready for the UFC” Slice.
    • You know what’s weird?  Watching the UFC in 1994 and cheering for Dan Severn, then watching the UFC in 2010 and seeing a fighter impersonate him.  And honestly, Tom Lawlor made for a really good Dan Severn.
    • Why was everyone acting like Marcus Davis’ job was on the line?  He may not be a world-beater, but when stacked up against the UFC’s “away team” welterweights (i.e., those who compete in the overseas UFC events), the dude is practically elite.
    • I’m glad Paul Daley got banned from the UFC, because now he can go to Strikeforce and punch Nick Diaz in the back of the head after the bell and get stabbed to death.
    • Where is your karate now, Lyoto Machida?  Where is your karate now?

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