Sunday, June 6, 2010

Liveblog: UCL Part 2

One other thing to add: CNN is here, filming something for CNN Money on the business aspect of the whole thing. How many media outlets is that now for the UCL? From the New York Times to Newsday to FoxNews to CNN, and everywhere in between. Pretty impressive. First fight and it's a Russian Wing Chun kid named Elia vs. a bruiser from Ozone Park named James. Elia manages about one kick and one punch before James clobbers him. It's all over in 14 seconds via TKO. Next up: Fighter X against Joseph. Fighter X doesn't want his identity revealed, so, you know how that goes. This one is all grappling, and as Fighter X is from Team Renzo, he has the edge. He taps out Joseph with an armbar 47 seconds into Round 2.

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