Friday, June 18, 2010

Mixed Martial Musings

    • Jake Shields leaving Strikeforce for the UFC would be great for Strikeforce.  Shields draws zero ratings, and the only time his bouts are exciting is when he’s losing (getting rocked by Dan Henderson, almost getting choked by Mayhem).  Also, nothing says “pure awesomeness” like an eight-man middleweight tournament – which is what Strikeforce will do to crown a new champ if Shields bolts.
    • Everyone knows UFC champ Frankie Edgar had his first fight ever in the Underground Combat League, but did you know that ROC champ Ryan LaFlare had his first fight there too?  And guess where Anthony Leone – who is making his WEC debut on Sunday – popped his MMA cherry?  If you said the UCL, then buy yourself a 40oz of Olde English 800, drink it from a paper bag and pass out on the corner.
    • The M-1 Global “Selection” show in Atlantic City is next weekend and they’ve purposely kept their fight card hush-hush lest some rival promotion poach their fighters.  I know Tom Gallicchio is fighting, and maybe Josh Key, but that’s it.  Oh the drama!
    • When MMA came along, Tiger Schulmann’s was a school that specialized in a karate that was heavy on boxing and kickboxing.  What’s remarkable about that is that their latest rising star, ROC bantamweight champ Nick Pace, has won ten of his eleven fights (both pro and amateur combined) with superior grappling.  That’s some serious evolution right there.
    • The fact that the New York State Senate passed a bill to legalize MMA this week made for some nice headlines, but all that optimism needs to be tempered with a dose of reality.  For it to become law, a legalization bill has to pass through two more committees in the Assembly before it can get a general vote, and with no committee meetings scheduled and the legislative session supposed to end on Monday… well, lets just say it would be a bit premature to start camping outside Madison Square Garden for UFC tickets right now.
    • MMA Mayhem is this Saturday at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, and the majority of the proceeds will be going to the Jackson Township PBA to combat some threatened layoffs of police officers.  MMA Journalist will be there liveblogging the event, and I’ll be wearing my vintage NWA and the Posse “F**K Da Police” t-shirt.  Just kidding. 

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