Friday, June 4, 2010

NYS MMA Bill Moves About Two Inches; Don't Waste Your Time Caring Just Yet

Yesterday the bill meant to legalize professional MMA in New York passed successfully through the State Assembly's Committee on Sports, Tourism, Lameness and Retardation.  No, you're not having a flashback.  This same bill passed through that committee last year before it got freakin' ganked in the political pile of spaghetti known as the Albany legislature.  So don't waste time caring just yet that this little piece of joy has moved about two inches.  It still has to go through a couple other committees, get voted on by the Assembly as a whole, get voted on by the Senate, get anointed as a knight and go through the twelve-step process of canonization the Vatican requires of all its saints.  Also, there are two versions of the State budget floating around that have legalized MMA in it, and though that is a whole other "bag of unresolved disaster", it could still come that way as well.  Therefore, go back to surfing the Internet, sipping your lattes and smoking your Camels.  MMA Journalist will let you know when to get excited.

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