Monday, June 14, 2010

Observations from My Couch: UFC 115 "Ultimate Chuck Takes a Nap"

    • Mac Danzig got screwed and he got screwed hard.  Referee Yves Lavigne should’ve restarted that one.
    • Where the hell did that ref come from in the Ricardo Funch/Claude Patrick fight?  Has he ever seen an MMA bout before?  Don’t they teach grappling in Canada?
    • Evan Dunham and Rory MacDonald – two youngsters who are scary-good.  Watching them is like watching Georges St. Pierre circa 2004, i.e., you just know you’re gazing upon the future of the sport.
    • It’s good to see Mike Pyle get a chance to showcase his skills without him getting clobbered.
    • For an old horse way past his prime, Gilbert Yvel can still throw down.
    • I had no problem with CroCop and Pat Barry hugging during their fight.  You don’t have to hate someone to fight them, and *gasp* it’s even possible to respect the person you’re fighting.
    • So is Rich Franklin going to be remembered for his run as champ?  Or is he going to be remembered as the guy who retired Chuck Liddell?

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garth2 said...

hey jim: i agree with your barry-crocop respect point, I have an issue with hugging fighters because they're not trying to finish the fight...that's all. i'd rather they spent their high-fiving and hugging time trying to wallop each other.