Monday, June 7, 2010

ROC Amateur Show Postscript

Some very impressive performances by some very impressive fighters, including Kempo-stylist Robert Plotkin and Team Endgame's Hector Mercado.  But TSMMA fighter Mike Fischetti's sheer dominance in the cage illustrates an issue that's arising in the amateur league: if you're a badass and you clean out your division, who are you going to fight?  I mean, once you've gone through everyone locally, how financially feasable is it for promoters to fly in a capable fighter from out of state?  Ultimately, as the competitors are amateurs, it might not be that feasable at all (at least in the long-term).  So then you've got the Fischetti's of the world (and guys like Julio Arce and Al Iaquinta when he was an amateur) just wrecking people with no one really coming close to putting them in danger.  The solution to this problem absolutely does not involve forcing anyone to go pro - an amateur fighter should be allowed to compete at that level for as long as he and his team feel he needs to, as that's what the amateur leagues are for.  And really, there might not be any solution to this problem.  But it is something I thought about while watching Fischetti dispatch Team Serra/Longo's Eddie Lenoci.

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