Saturday, August 7, 2010

Liveblog: M-1 Global Part 4

It's heavyweight time, and Pat Bennett of Bombsquad and Mehdi Hassan of ATT are doings the honors. From the outset you just know this one is one punch away from instant slumber, and Bennett and Hassan take their time waiting for that big punch to materialize. The first round sees Hassam throwing windmills from the outfield, while Bennett counters with a painful inside leg-kick. Bennett continues racking up the points in Round 2, but in Round 3 Hassan lands on flush to the face, putting Bennett on his butt in the most decisive blow of the fight. However, it ain't enough, and Bennett takes the unanimous decision when time runs out. Next up: Tyson Jeffries of Team Quest against Gold Team's Plinio Cruz. If Cruz wins, this sets up a rematch with Geurin (Geurin won via bodyshot KO the first time). These two come out of their corners and Cruz immediately - and accidentally - kicks Jeffries in the junk. "Oh it hurts man," Jeffries tells ref Big Dan. They resume after a brief recovery period, but after a few minutes of Muay Thai madness Cruz once again kicks him in the yam bag. Cruz loses a point for that one. Meanwhile, Jeffries now sings soprano. A lengthy recovery period follows, and when the action continues Jeffries lands a pair of hellacious kicks to the body and deftly throws the Brazilian to the canvas. Perhaps sensing a need to change thing up, Cruz comes out in Round 2 winging overhand lefts, and lands enough of them to put Jeffries on Queer Street. Jeffries survives on autopilot, and Round 3 has the Team Quester mixing in takedowns with his striking assault. It's enough to garner the split decision in a truly gutsy performance by both men.

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