Monday, August 2, 2010

Observations From My Couch: "Ultimate Pride Never Die!"

    • I didn’t care if Takanori Gomi won or lost going into that fight, but damn was it nice to see such a sweet KO.  I hope Gomi keeps knocking them out of the park.
    • Why the hell was Tyson Griffin bitching about that stoppage?  Gomi was about six seconds away from removing his shorts and sodomizing him, and the only one capable of preventing that was the referee.
    • Jake Ellenberger and John Howard had a pretty decent OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT HORRIFYING EYE!
    • Charles Oliveira is smoov.  Smoov like butta.
    • Apparently, losing to Chael Sonnen was the best thing that could’ve happened to Yushin Okami.  The dude is exciting now.
    • I wouldn’t call what Jon Jones did to Vladimir Matyushenko “domination” as much as I’d call it “one man completely owning another man in such dramatic fashion that Vladdy must now address Jones as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’.”

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