Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UFC Fight Night 22 Fun Facts

Another UFC Fight Night is upon us, which means either a) a new season of the Ultimate Fighter is about to start, b) a season of the Ultimate Fighter has just ended, or c) SpikeTV needs an ad sales boost and wants Zuffa to serve up one of their additional, contractually-obligated shows.  Well, in this instance it’s option “a”, with Nate Marquardt and Rousimar Palhares headlining a card that could play out in totally awesome fashion or totally craptastic fashion – or both!  Anyway, here’s some UFC Fight Night 22 fun facts.

  • Ross Pearson won TUF 9 as a representative of Team England.  Oddly enough, when he speaks it sounds nothing like English.
  • Cole Miller and Jim Miller are not blood relatives, but they are related by marriage.  Cole’s aunt’s nephew’s art teacher is the common-law spouse of Jim’s uncle’s best friend’s son’s pitbull.
  • “Gleison Tibau” means “slicked-back hair” in Portuguese.
  • As a youngster, Efrain Escudero auditioned for the role of “Harry Potter” in the Harry Potter films.  Daniel Radcliffe got the part after the producers decided they needed “someone less Latino and more British”.
  • Charles Oliveira’s jiu-jitsu is so technical, if you were to slow down tape of his fights, you’d be able to hear the voice of Rorion Gracie narrating.
  • Much has been made of Palhares’ humble beginnings living in abject poverty in the Brazilian countryside.  However, what’s often overlooked is how his life has changed since earning a steady paycheck in the UFC.  Now, Palhares actually owns a small house – with both a roof and plumbing!  Curiously, he prefers to sleep under the porch.
  • Marquardt was the King of Pancrase for a while back in 2002.  For those who don’t know, Pancrase is an island in the South Pacific that was colonized by the Japanese.

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