Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scenes from an UFC Video Game Tournament

MMA Journalist is here at a video game store in the East Village for the Fight Nerd's UFC video game tournament - which is a lot like a real MMA tournament, only with less drunk people in the audience and zero fighters getting laid afterwards (because they're digital recreations. Duh.). Anyhoo, Matt Kaplowitz the Fight Nerd is here, as is old school UFC honcho Paula Romero. KOTC champ Jimmie Rivera, WEC vet Nick Pace and M-1 Global champ Tom Gallicchio are all scheduled to drop by. With all the free-flowing Mountain Dew and unbridled geek testosterone, are Rivera, Pace and Gallicchio walking into a potential powderkeg of violence? Possibly. May cooler heads prevail.

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