Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Collection of News Haiku

So much news, so little time.  But fear not, as MMA Journalist has condensed current events into easily-digestible Japanese poem form!

  • Jay Hieron signs with / Bellator.  Wait, what?  You mean / Jay Hieron still fights?
  • Josh Gross leaves S.I. / for ESPN.  Guess what? / Dana White still hates him.
  • Machida trained with / Steven Seagal.  Won’t help, though.  / Rampage has A-Team.
  • Roy Nelson’s career / is on hold.  Something about / new McRib, I bet.
  • Strikeforce cut Roxy. / That’s fine, though.  There will always / be a Moosin show.
  • Dana, I’m still a / bit fuzzy re: you and Gross. / Dana White: “I hate him!”

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