Monday, November 29, 2010

DaMMAge Fight League Postscript

(Pardon the lateness, book manuscript was due to publisher and all that.  What?  You don't care?  Well suck it.)  Good show.  Attendance was dismal, but that has to be attributed to the holiday the next day - who wants to go to Atlantic City the night before Thanksgiving?  But those who did were treated to Jonathan Helwig's bloody return to combat, Chris Liguori's handling of John Salgado, and Tara LaRosa's gritty win over a very tough Takayo Hashi.  One has to wonder what more LaRosa has to do to get a slot in Strikeforce… maybe kill someone?  The pro scene in New Jersey has been getting pretty crowded lately, but if DaMMAge keeps producing quality, they're certainly a worthwhile addition.

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