Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Memorabilia from Promotions Dead and Gone

The WEC’s second-to-last show is this Thursday, and in anticipation of a suddenly finite number of branded shirts, hats and “Urijah Faber: Featherweight Champ” coffee mugs, MMA memorabilia collectors have begun stockpiling anything and everything that bears those three magical letters. Why? Because no more of it will be made, and in a few years whatever sports the WEC logo is going to be worth a pretty penny. In fact, a quick sweep of E-Bay turns up a wealth of items from a variety of dead promotions, items running the gamut in terms of value. So here, without further ado, is a list of the top memorabilia from promotions dead and gone:

  • Item: Fake dog crap from IFL mascot Bob the Basset Hound of the Dayton Dogs; Value: $47.16
  • Item: Small rug woven from the loose back hair of Murilo Bustamante after his 40-minute butt-scoot against Tom Erikson at Martial Arts Reality Superfighting; Value: $120.80
  • Item: Limited-edition “Rapping with $kala” CD featuring EliteXC stars; Value: $.09
  • Item: Official transcript of John Peretti’s disconcerting homoerotic double-entendres from Extreme Fighting III; Value: $2,034.00
  • Item: YAMMA Pit Fighting concave cage, converted into a hot tub; Value: $11,569.32
  • Item: Affliction “Fedor vs. Josh Barnett” beach towel; Value: $8.00
  • Item: BodogFIGHT business plan; Value: zero
  • Item: Kazushi Sakuraba, post stint in Pride Fighting Championship; Value: a pack of smokes, or best offer

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