Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Happy Customer

From the mailbag:

"Love your 'Mitch the Intern' TUF spoofs!

And so GODDAMN MANY of them!

No captions! No descriptions. They are worthless and they SUCK!

Okay, we get it it, you're all underground, you go to fights that know one else knows about, so you're the martial arts equivalent of foodie eclecticist Alton Brown.

You're special because you know about them, and I'm not.

But I'm not *learning* about them, either, because there's no context to those pics.

Who are they? What's the story? Are they not important enough to find any more about them?

The pics are nothing to admire in the first place. If there's nothing more to be gleaned from them than "oh, look, I was at a fight and it was a secret", then...kinda pointless, Jimmy boy.

Posting a pic with no caption or context isn't journalism."

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