Friday, January 21, 2011

A Collection of New Haiku - 1.21.11

So much news, so little time.  But fear not, as MMA Journalist has turned to ancient Japanese poetry to make it all easier for you to digest.

  • Dana says no to / women in UFC. “They / belong in kitchen!”
  • Hey, remember that / Brit fighter named Lee Murray?  / Yeah, he’s still in jail.
  • GSP fired his / manager.  Why?  She couldn’t / handle his “riddum”.
  • Boy, that Nick Diaz, / he sure does curse a lot.  Like, / a hell of a lot.
  • Okay, show of hands. / Who here’s sad Cole Konrad ain’t / in Strikeforce tourney?
  • AOL Fanhouse / sold?  It’s okay Ariel, you / can work for this blog.

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