Thursday, January 13, 2011

Liveblog: UFC's MMA in New York Press Conference

MMA Journalist is here at Madison Square Garden's Club Bar and Grill for the UFC's "bring MMA to New York" press conference. Present are UFC brass Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita, UFC star Frankie Edgar, some MSG exec, Lady Liberty, Travis Bickle the Taxi Driver and a giant subway rat, all of whom are now focused on the singular goal of bringing MMA to New York (Underground Combat League say what?). In terms of press, the gang's all here - The Fight Nerd, Pete Lampasona, Mark LaMonica from Newsday, Mike Chiappetta, Mike Straka, Ariel Helwani, plus a room packed with mainstreamers in suits and ties. Dana's at the podium now, preaching to the choir about how awesome MMA is and the economic benefit it would provide the Empire State. Lorenzo does the same, and MSG's Scott O'Neill follows with his tale of seeing his first UFC - UFC 111 in New Jersey. It is, of course, a lovefest, but the underlying message is undeniable: this is the year for big push for sanctioning. Oorah.

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