Friday, February 11, 2011

Get Well Soon James Meals

New Jersey-based fighter James Meals suffered an injury at his day job yesterday, and the extent of the injury is such that his career in the cage may be in jeopardy.  With over 25 fights to his name, Meals established himself as a guy willing to take on just about anyone  - and consequently, ended up with losses to the likes of Jason Black, Ron Jhun, Dan Lauzon, Rich Clementi and Jason Ireland.  But a recent move to the AMA Fight Club saw the ardent kickboxer transform himself into a well-rounded striker/grappler hybrid, and the results were dramatic.  At UCC 2 last year, Meals went the distance with wrestler Jason McLean, giving McLean fits both on the feet and on the ground, and at CFFC last weekend Meals dispatched young buck Trevor Suter with a D'Arce choke from the bottom.  It would be a shame if the career of the "Mad Dog" were to end because of an injury, but if it were to end, it would most certainly be on a high note.  Either way, MMA Journalist wishes Meals a speedy recovery.

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james meals said...

thanks my friend! recovery is coming along and im told that despite the doctors original prognosis of possibly not being able to see again, i will in fact eventually be back to 20/20 vision and back at the sport that i love! all that i can say about this is God is good! thank you so much for the support it really means alot! God bless MMA Journalist