Thursday, February 3, 2011

Liveblog: NYC MMA Legalization Roundtable

MMA Journalist is here at Sambo Steve's school in Midtown Manhattan for an MMA legalization roundtable. The discussion is (of course) centered around the issues pertinent to getting sanctioned in New York, and the participants include gym owners Sambo Steve, Steve Katz and Steve Kardian, journos Eddie Goldman, Justin Klein, Bruce Kivo and Pete Lampasona, insider Paula Romero, and a rep from State Senator Lee Zeldin's office. In light of recent legislative events, Lampasona is advocating the "V for Vendetta" mode of attack, but calmer folks are talking him back from the ledge and disassembling his pipe bombs. Other topics discussed include educating the public on the safety of the sport and its utility, and countering negative propaganda and rhetoric.

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