Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scenes from a "Legalize MMA in New York" Rally

As the preceding pics indicate, the rally for the "legalization of MMA in New York" has gotten underway in downtown Manhattan.  In the brief time MMA Journalist was there, there were no signs being waved, nor pitchforks nor flaming torches - but there was definitely a steadily-growing crowd of people.  From organizer Sambo Steve to insider Paula Romero to a pair of UCL veterans to photographer Anil Melwani to female fighter Tara LaRosa, the cross-section of proponents seemed pretty broad.  Frank Shamrock was even there, who, along with LaRosa, was scheduled to be a guest speaker.  Said veteran journalist Josh Gross of ESPN in regards to the climate: "I bought this beanie because I was cold, but now I'm hot." 

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Unknown said...

i had that same conversation with gross, he also went on the record saying he felt like a pregnant woman whos body temperature kept changing.