Thursday, March 17, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

Tonight, on NY1 (a New York City-based news channel), on a program called "Inside City Hall", Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta debated the merits of sanctioning MMA in New York, while Assemblyman Bob Reilly discussed why the state shouldn't. There were, of course, some pearls of wisdom.
  • White, on underground fight shows in NYC: "It's very real. It happens every weekend." Man, I wish. Try once every few months, bro.
  • Reilly: "The UFC just fought to keep downward elbows in the sport." Dude, please kill your fact-checker.
  • Reilly: "We're going to say that two men, or two women, can get in a cage and fight - sometimes to the death? That's not a message we want to give." Nevermind. Your fact-checker is clearly on our side, as he's making you look retarded.

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