Wednesday, March 23, 2011

M-1 Challenge on Showtime This Friday, And Why You Should Watch

M-1 Challenge, one of the last bastions of non-Zuffa MMA left in the world, airs for the first time on Showtime this Friday night.  And while the main event between Artiom Damkovsky vs. Jose "I won the M-1 Challenge Americas Tournament with only nutshots" Figueroa may not be much of a draw, there is one solid reason to tune in.  His name: Tyson Jeffries.  Jeffries won the M-1 Challenge Americas tournament last year at middleweight, and after watching him fight a few times it became apparent that the dude is a Terminator.  Not a Terminator like the T-1000, which can take on the appearance of whomever it touches and form simple shapes like blades with its appendages.  No, more like the T-888, which is a more advanced model than those seen in the Terminator movies and is used for high-level infiltration and assassination (see the The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series).  As skills go, Jeffries employs some deadly Muay Thai, and his camp - Team Quest - has got his wrestling and anti-grappling honed to a keen edge.  However, the most telling trait Jeffries possesses is that Chris Leben-esque ability to get rocked and, while on autopilot, simply go for the kill.  It's actually kind of awesome to watch, and with Jeffries facing Russia tough guy Magomed Sultanakhmedov for the vacant M-1 Challenge belt, the chances are pretty good that we'll see a legitimate "termination" in the ring.  So yeah, M-1 Challenge on Friday.  Tune in.

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