Monday, March 14, 2011

Observations from My Couch: Bellator 36 "One Minute You're Kicking Ass, Then BAM!"

  • Did Marcin Held not realize that there would be strikes thrown in his bout?  Going for all those submissions was great, but man did he take a beating.
  • I don’t know who that was fighting Lloyd Woodard, but it was not Carey Vanier.  The Carey Vanier we saw in the tournament last season was a badass.  This one, not so much.
  • Toby Imada: still the slickest submission guy who will never win a championship.
  • Sure, Kevin Aguilar handily defeated Matt Hunt, but he’s in trouble when he faces Matt’s brother Mike.
  • I’m sorry, that was awful.
  • There was a time when Rob McCullough was practically untouchable.  Sadly, thanks to Father Time, he’s very touchable.  Still fun to watch, though.
  • Waachiim Spiritwolf vs. Jaime Jara wasn’t so much a bloodbath as it was a blood-sauna, blood-whirlpool, blood-seaweed wrap and blood-spa session.

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