Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Most Amazing Thing About the UCC on Friday

Know what the most amazing thing about the Urban Conflict Championship event in Morristown, NJ on Friday is?  It's not the badass main event featuring TUF vet Andy Main vs. mean Brazilian Felipe Arantes.  Nor is it the fact that Rolles Gracie Jr., Sean Santella, Jamal Patterson, Mike Medrano and Kevin Roddy are all making the trek to North Jersey to fight.  No, the most amazing thing about this upcoming UCC show is that Scott Fairlamb - who was recently diagnosed with leukemia - is scheduled to fight.  Said Nick Lembo, "He has been medically cleared at this time for this fight by his own physician and the NJSACB doc."  Wow.  Win or lose, Fairlamb is one tough cat.  Competing with cancer... that right there is the very definition of "heart". 

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