Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Since Everyone is Talking About Press Credentials...

Yeah, so, Zuffa took over Strikeforce's media relations, and SURPRISE!  People who were formerly credentialed by the Scott Coker promotion are now suddenly getting the same cold shoulder they always get when they attempt to get a press pass for a UFC event.  Boo-freaking-hoo, right?  After all, Sherdog get's no love from Dana White but they still manage to cover shows, so what's the big deal?  Beats me.  But here's some discussion on the topic:,, and  Note Jeff Wagenheim of Sports Illustrated, taking the UFC to task and risking his own future credentialing opportunities.  You've got cojones, Jeff.  Maybe we can watch the UFC - from a sports bar - together sometime.

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garth2 said...

i understand what you're saying. to me, however, with this massive share of, and frankly monopolistic control of, the sport the UFC suddenly takes on a new role, that of caretaker. and Dana White or the Fertittas' personal slights or corporate PR desires don't fit into that reality as well.

honestly, the way the sport's been going, I'm getting a little turned off of it. All the 'roiding, all the BS, everything about Chael Sonnen...bleh