Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Know Amanda Nunes and Jamie Varner Mean Business...

…When they join AMA Fight Club in New Jersey.  With about twenty UFC fighters sparring there nightly, Mike Constantino is running one of the toughest, top-level gyms out there, and as the old adage goes, "steel sharpens steel" - which means Nunes and Varner are going to get pretty damn sharp soon.  Here's a quote from AMA FC's press release: "AMA is very proud to announce that we have added Strikeforce fighter and #4 ranked fighter Amanda Nunes to our team!  Amanda has a pro MMA record of 6-1 including six straight victories all by knockout!"  As for Varner: "AMA would also like to welcome former WEC champion Jamie Varner.  Jamie will be training at AMA over the next several months.  We are happy to have Jamie here at AMA and we look forward to working with him!"

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