Friday, July 8, 2011

Liveblog: Battle at the Beacon Part 2

First up is Chris Springer of Legacy Martial Arts and Andre Miller of Performance Muay Thai. Though Springer proves to be good at kicking and clinchwork, Miller is just as good at punching him in the face - which makes for a competitive three-rounder. Miller takes the decision when time runs out. Pablo Rayo of Sitan Gym and Daniel Bido of NYC Martial Arts are up next. Bido is a ball of furious aggression and face-punching, but he also can't stop blasting his foe in the junk. He loses a point for that, and the technical onslaught Rayo puts forth gives him the decision. Omar Estevez of Sitan and Julio Pena of Boston Muay Thai battle it out until Estevez lands a perfect kick to Pena's inner thigh. Pena can't walk, so it's a Round 3 TKO. Wat rep Laurie Hyacinthe and Sitan rep Laurel Holloway are next, and Holloway immediately proves to be adapt at landing kick and knees. Hyacinthe, on the other hand, is constantly pegging her with a one-two combo to the chops while she moves in, which enables her to take the decision. Jess Ng of Sitan and Andi Hilditch of CSC Virginia square off, and though Hilditch is always attacking, Ng finds her range and her timing to score her way to a decision.

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