Sunday, October 2, 2011

UCL Postscript

Yes, today saw another installment of the UCL, with the usual "secret location" thing in full effect. Teams repped included New Generation Karate, MMA University, Garcia's Gung Fu, Team Rios, Brooklyn Combat Club, New York Jiu-Jitsu and Team Radical Jiu-Jitsu. Highlights included:
  • Chad Hernandez's nearly flawless performance against the tough and experienced Anton Johnson. Employing top-notch jiu-jitsu, he kept Johnson on the defense for all three rounds, and earned himself a clear and convincing decision.
  • Junior Lubin's no-nonsense destruction of the game Kevin Wall. Twelve seconds of punching was all it took for Lubin to send Wall stunned to the canvas.
  • The spirited back and forth between Steven "Blackie Chan" Plummer and Thiago Chaves. They went the distance, and battered each other nicely along the way.
  • Jonathan Velez's gutsy performance against Syed Adeel. At first, it seemed as if Adeel had the advantage on the ground and that he was going to exploit it. But Velez - who was featured in a Wall Street Journal article on the UCL not too long ago - weathered the storm and began wrecking Adeel on the feet. It all ended in Round 3, when Velez stunned Adeel, then dropped him with a killer kick to the leg. Props to both men for really going for it.

The only bummer of the evening was all the video I took of the fights. Did you know you can record things on fast forward? I did not, and everything I shot looks like a blur to the human eye. The Marvel Comics character "Quicksilver" would probably love it, though.

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