Thursday, November 17, 2011

The ROC 28 Preview You Won’t See Anywhere Else

(Hello there, friend. Long time no see. You look good. Yes, I agree, I haven’t done much in terms of posting on this MMA Journalist blog. Been busy, you know, what with RAW COMBAT and the site. But here I am, back to… you know… weave some more magic as it were. Anyway, tomorrow night is Ring of Combat 28, and as it’s the biggest regional promotion in the Northeast, it of course deserves some press. So here, have this preview. It’s painted with some of my favorite brushstrokes. I daresay it’s a masterpiece worthy of the MMA Journalist of old.)

Friday night brings us another installment of Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat, and assembled together are all the usual madmen and horse thieves. Unsure of whether or not you should attend or purchase the event on GoFightLive? Well, hold onto your hat, ‘cause here’s a breakdown of what you’d be seeing if you committed to something – anything – in your life, you goddamn slacker. And no, “occupying Wall Street” does not count as a commitment. That’s just hipster laziness.
· Pete Sell vs. Nordine Taleb – After some rocky performances in the UFC, local hero Sell took some time off, and returned at ROC 26 to have another rocky performance that he ended up recovering from to win his bout. So. We know this: Drago can still take a punch, but even if you knock him out, he’ll keep fighting. This does not bode well for the Canadian Taleb, who will likely flee from the American’s “Walking Dead” impersonation.
· Deividas Taurosevicius vs. Marlon Moraes – DT’s pretty much been there and done that in terms of fighting, so unless Moraes has superpowers like telekinesis and heat-vision, the kid is getting jiu-jitsu-fucked to death.
· Al Iaquinta vs. Pat Audinwood – You can look at this as a contest between the best lightweight in the Northeast and a UFC veteran, or you can look at it as one of Team Serra/Longo’s top guys versus one of Team Bombsquad’s top guys. I, however, like to view it as a match-up between two damn whippersnappers. Get off my lawn, you little bastards!
· Tom DeBlass vs. Davit Tkeshelashvili – DeBlass is pretty much at the top of every journalists’ “promising up-and-comer” list, and with good reason: he’s slain all put before him. He should have little problem with this tough M-1 Global veteran. Unfortunately, announcer Peter Neglia is going to kill himself trying to pronounce “Tkeshelashvili”. Poor guy.
· Jimmie Rivera vs. Anthony Leone – This bout is off. Leone tested positive for leprosy.
· Uriah Hall vs. John Troyer – This bout is off as well. Turns out Troyer is pregnant. Congrats, man.
· Ryan Vaccaro vs. Mike Prokop – With a nickname like “Porkchop”, how could you not like Prokop? Seriously.
· Drew Puzon vs. Aung La Nsang – Puzon is an old schooler who returned recently, and he’s been keeping it pretty real in the cage. La Nsang, who’s a kickboxer with skills on the ground, is either going to get steamrolled into the canvas or he’s not. How’s that for a prediction? Yeah? Go screw yourself.
· Jay Isip vs. Jarred Mercado – Jay freakin’ Isip. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

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Anonymous said...

It's ROC 38, not 28.

Anyway, going to be a good show. Looking forward to seeing DeBlass smoke this guy. It will be interesting to see if they are going to stand and bang or if its going to be a ground fight.

My prediction: Davit tries to bang with DeBlass until he realizes DeBlass is a legit boxer with heavy hands. He then takes DeBlass down where he proceeds to get submitted. I would like to see this go past the first round to see how TD's conditioning is. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that the fight is going to be over before the first bell.