Sunday, March 4, 2012

MUSU Postscript

It ain't the UCL, but Manup Standup continues to do its own thang and entertain. Today's MUSU installment featured a hodgepodge tournament of "novices" whacking each other while wearing headgear (which I don't find that enthralling), but the two bouts that had more advanced fighters going at it with no head protection... yeah, that's the stuff. DJ from Syracuse managed to fend off some kid from Utah's best in what was, on paper, supposed to be Wing Chun versus Wing Chun, but in reality played out like a UFC 1 bout. And the main event, which had MUSU champ Will Cavali throwing down against UCL veteran (and Garcia Gung Fu stylist) Chris Lorenzo, was a fun showcase of skill and ability. Lorenzo's got heart and a fair share of technique, but a precision kick to the body did him in, with Cavali once more proving he's the man when it comes to kung fu.

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