Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend Schedule

Yeah, yeah, there's a UFC tonight on FX and a Strikeforce tomorrow night on Showtime. But what's got me excited is the lecture and discussion on Pankration in Astoria on Saturday night (info here:!/events/119074774878817/), and the Manup Standup event on Sunday afternoon in Jamaica, Queens.

The Pankration thingy will supposedly have some notable speakers of the MMA variety, and hey, I loves me some Greek food, so expect tweets on that.

The MUSU event should be it's usual "Big Trouble in Little China" goodness, and to make things even more interesting, MUSU champ Will Cavali is defending his championship belt against UCL fighter Chris Lorenzo. You may recall that Cavali fought at a UCL event about month ago in a kickboxing bout and lost to the veteran Alejandro Richardson. Well, the cross pollination of underground shows continues, and now Cavali - who's actually a pretty badass fighter - gets to face down a UCLer on his home turf. You know you can be expecting some tweets on that while it's going down!

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Anonymous said...

Wasnt Chris The original MUSU Champ, and coming back for the belt as a MUSU fighter and el barrio ametuer boxer, not a UCLer , which he only fought once, versus over 20 fights together in the others.